Lawn Lots

A GRMPI Lawn Lot is a simple but dignified memorialization option, to give tribute to your loved ones for eternity.

  • Measures 1m x 2.44m (2.44 square meters)
  • Double Interment Option
  • Underground Interment (2 vaults – double tiered)
  • Flat On Ground Marble Markers
  • Optional Transfer of Bone Remains
  • Lot is Transferable and Assignable

Garden Lots

For Families, GRMPI’s garden lots offer a beautiful, convenient way to cherish the memories in one place.

  • Measures 2m x 4.88m (9.76 square meters)
  • 4-Lotters
  • 8 vaults Underground
  • Underground Interment – 8 fresh body interments
  • Optional Transfer of Bone remains
  • Flat On Ground Marble Markers
  • Lot is Transferable and Assignable

Family Estates

GRMPI Family Estates are generously sized lots situated in prime locations within the park. Build a lasting monument to honor the legacy of your loved ones forever.

  • Measures 6m x 9m (54 square meters)
  • 24-lotter
  • Above Ground Interment
  • Unlimited No. of Interments Based on Size of Property
  • Lot is Transferable and Assignable as a Whole
  • Indivisible
  • Private Mausoleums built by lot owners should have dimensions and specifications conforming to the Park’s Memorial Installation Standards and Guidelines


  1. For Sales prices please contact an Accredited Sales Counselor or call the admin office using our telephone and mobile numbers listed in the Contact Us page.
  2. Total List Prices for Memorial Lots are Inclusive of Perpetual Care Fund and VAT (12%).
  3. Memorial Lot Prices do not include cost of Interment Services, Grave Markers, and other Memorial Products and Services.
  4. Double Interment Privilege is allowed but a 10 % additional charge will be imposed on the 2nd interment based on the prevailing list price on lawn lots.
  5. Downpayment can be paid in cash or checks.
  6. Certificate of Ownership for memorial lots will only be released after Full Payment has been completed.
  7. For At-need balance should be paid in full.
  8. Sales Promo will be posted from time to time and prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Interment Services

  • Fresh Body Interments
    • Lawn and Garden Lots (Underground Interments)
    • Family Estate (Above-ground Interments)
  • Exhumation and Transfer of Bone Remains

Interment Set-Up ( Standard)

  • 1 Marble marker
  • 1 concrete VAULT – underground
  • 1 vault & Casket Lowering Device with Skirting
  • Grave Digging and Restoration of Landscape
  • 25 chairs with cover
  • 1 4×4 tent with swag
  • 1 4×6 tent with swag
  • 1 viewing platform
  • 1 backdrop curtain
  • 1 tarp holder
  • 2 hedges
  • 1 rostrum with mic & holder
  • 1 microphone with stand
  • 1 Stanchion Posts set
  • 1 speaker sound system with USB plug and play set
  • 1 industrial fan
  • 1 water dispenser & paper cups
  • 1 aisle rubberized carpet
  • 1 extension wire – 4 gang
  • wheeled trash bin
  • 1 2.2×2.5 health declaration tent
  • 1 sanitation mat
  • alcohol with dispenser

Requirements for Interment Services:

A. Adult / Child / Ashes / New Born

  1. Photocopy of Burial Permit (Economic Enterprise Office,Tagum Public Market)
  2. Photocopy of Death Certificate (Local Civil Registrar , City or Municipality)
  3. Original Certificate of Ownership (issued by Glorious Resurrection Memorial Park Inc.)


  1. Up to Four (4) Interments per Day
        two interments – Morning
        two interments – Afternoon
  2. Seventy two (72) hours or more notice to Glorious Resurrection Memorial Park, Inc. (GRMPI) is required to facilitate proper and dignified memorial services
  3. The park reserves the right to accept less than 72 hour notice prior to interment, but an additional surcharge of 10% of the interment fee.

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